What's New

Introducing Slashbase CLI

22 Dec 2022

Introducing New Feature: Slashbase CLI

With Slashbase CLI, you will be able to connect your databases, write, run queries, all from the comfort of your terminal.

Slashbase CLI works better using binary file downloaded from latest release.

Announcing Slashbase Cloud

20 Dec 2022

Slashbase Cloud Early Access Now Available!

With Slashbase Cloud, you will be able to browse and manage your databases in cloud, write, run, and share queries with your team, all from the comfort of your browser.

We're inviting users in batches as we add new servers.

v0.1.0 Initial Release (beta)

10 Dec 2022

v0.1.0 initial beta version is released 🎉.

It supports PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases.

Includes basic IDE features like organising databases into projects, browsing data & schema of data, filtering/sorting records, add/remove/edit records, basic charts & query history.

Hello World

10 Apr 2021

It's Apr 10, 2021. The day I wrote Slashbase's first commit.

A series of thoughts about the future of IDEs and building better developer experiences led me to start building this tool.

At this point, I could only see the value such a tool will bring to me personally as a developer. Countless ideas ran through my head for creating a better experience for database management.

~ Paras