Install Slashbase on your server

Self-hosting Slashbase on your own cloud server is easy. Use the install script to easily install Slashbase on your server instance. The script uses docker to install Slashbase app.


  • Linux server instance in AWS/Google Cloud/Digital Ocean or any other cloud provider.
  • Docker & Docker compose installed on your server. If you don't have docker installed, follow the docker installation page.


  1. SSH into your server instance.
  2. Run the following commands
    mkdir slashbase && cd slashbasewget +x
  3. Enter root user email and password & wait till the setup completes.
  4. If install succeeds, Slashbase app is running on the given port and enter the root user credentials you entered while installing to login.
  5. (Additionally) You can point the server to a URL like by using nginx/apache or any other server software and add an SSL certificate.


If you face any issues installing or using slashbase, send us a mail at [email protected] or contact support chat on our website