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The open-source modern database IDE

Effortlessly design, develop, and visualize databases!


Modern interface

With a modern interface, it is easy to use.

Quick browse

Work on data/schema with low-code UI.


Works well for dev/data teams.

Create charts

Create basic charts from query results.


Run commands directly in console.

Database Support

Works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Download Desktop IDE

For individuals developers and data team members!

See what others said about Slashbase

“has a lot of potential to unlock some cool use cases”
“The modern UI, compatibility with SQL and NoSQL, and promising features make it an incredibly effective and easy-to-use tool. Highly recommended!”
- Rajat Patil
“Slashbase is nice GUI app to talk with databases.”
“Slashbase looks like an excellent solution”
- Perry Raskin
“Very promising!”
- HN user

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